Raw Astrophotography Data
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Since I started astrophotography, I have taken hundreds of gigabytes worth of photos. Rather than just let them sit on my hard drive, I thought it would be interesting to upload my raw imaging data and see what others can do with it. For each deep sky object listed on this website, I have uploaded at least one ZIP file containing all of my raw data (Lights, Darks, Flats, and Dark Flats) for that particular session. I also will upload the best image I was able to make using the same data. I encourage you to try processing some of my data, and I would like to see how you do, so please email me your results.

Please email me your questions, comments, and photos.

My Astrophotography Equipment

Achieving Focus

The Types of Images: Lights, Darks, Flats, and Bias
Stacking and Image Processing

To process the images on this site you will first need to stack them. For this I recommend you use DeepSkyStacker. DeepSkyStacker is a free program and is relatively easy to use. It is what I use to make all of the images on this site.


After you stack images you will need to edit the results. There are some image editors made specifically for astrophotography, but I just use Adobe Photoshop. There are also free image editors out there such as GIMP.

Here are some good resources for learning more...

An online forum can also be helpful.
The Astronomy Forum
The Stargazers Lounge

I use the following Photoshop plug-ins...
GradientXTerminator is a powerful tool for removing gradients. I think it does a better job than using the gradient tool in Photoshop, or creating artificial flats. It is also easier to use and does not clip the background.

Astronomy Tools Actions Set by Pro Digital Software is a collection of useful tools for astrophotography image processing. Go to their website for a list of features.

Please email me your questions, comments, and photos.